MSC Super Power Bank 95,000Ah DC 5v-19v, 230V AC + Car Jumper


Need to run your Totalcool away from a power source? Lithium batteries are the solution!

Recharge from your vehicle as you travel to your destination or at home prior to setting out. Lithium batteries can also recharge your mobile phone and anything else that charges from a USB.

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Will run your Totalcool unit from 30 – 100 hours

  • Premium Super Power Bank, 95Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 5v/12v/16/19v
  • Dual USB 5v/2A power bank, suitable for all phones, 5v Tablets, USB lights, Garmin, Go Pro etc.
  • Inbuilt 230V AC inverter will run electric Drills etc Variable voltage range from 12v-19v for Laptops/NoteBook/Model Aircraft/Drones
  • Digital LED display showing power remaining
  • Suitable to run Totalcool evaporative air conditioner Can jump start any Petrol/Diesel Vehicle 30+ times Powerful Torch and Lantern with Dimmer & SOS Retains power for months
  • Robust outer case, 95,000mah rechargeable external battery would give most mobile phones 35 + full charges Recharges from mains, 5v USB/Car or our solar panel chargers & Solar Charging Can.